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Please be sure to read about our governing board Policy JK regarding Student Discipline that determines appropriate discipline for students who may be a danger to themselves or others and Policy JICK-EB regarding Student Violence/Harassment.


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Welcome to the home of the Apaches. We are a Performing Plus School in the Nogales Unified School District in southern Arizona, just a stone’s throw from the Mexico border. Serving nearly 2,000 students, we have great honor in the history of our school, and it shows in all that we do. Our students are active and involved, and our teachers go out of their way to ensure every student’s success. Please spend some time getting to know our school, and let us show you our Apache pride!

We are proud of our school, our students, our Performing Plus status, and our current academic results and success. Academic achievement at Nogales High School is EXPECTED. All students will be held accountable for their academic progress and individual student behavior. Rules and procedures matter, and they will be followed and respected.

It is your responsibility as NHS students to set goals, follow through with individual responsibilities, and do your very best every day as Apaches. Good character, a positive attitude, and individual self respect starts with you. Make the best of what NHS has to offer.

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to stay there.”  - Coach John Wooden

Be proud to be an APACHE!

A Message from our Administration

Dear Apaches,

Welcome back to one of the best high schools in Southern Arizona. You should be very proud to call yourselves "Apaches!" If you are beginning your high school career as a freshman, you have great things in store for the next four years of your lives.

I am Mr. Cesar Miranda and I would like to introduce myself as the new principal of Nogales High School. I began my administrative career here as one of the assistant principals. I was gone to lead my own school in Rio Rico for two years, but now I have returned to this great educational institution! I will work very hard to maintain a high level of greatness that Nogales High School is known for.

On behalf of the entire administrative team, we are very excited for the upcoming school year. It is an honor and a privilege to be a student at Nogales High School. With that said, it is up to you to get the job done every day in the classroom. The faculty and staff have made a commitment to raise student achievement for all students. We need a commitment for you as well in order to achieve great things during your years at NHS. The years will fly by, so be sure to get involved as much as possible. Join a sport or a club, attend plays and band concerts, run for student council, or volunteer your time to a local organization. This is the time in your life to discover who you are and what you are naturally good at. Take advantage and remember to thank your parents or legal guardians for all of their sacrifices to make sure you are well taken care of.

At the start of every school year, be sure to set personal and academic goals for yourself. This will give you the purpose and vision that you will need to succeed. Your over-all goal should be to graduate and be ready for life after high school. Don't allow obstacles to get in your way or slow you down from reaching your dreams. You are the only one who can control your destiny!

We welcome you and wish you another successful school year full of achievements! Be safe and enjoy the remainder of your summer.


Cesar Miranda

Cesar Miranda


Yvette Favela
Yvette Favela
Assistant Principal/Athletics Director


Renee Travers
Renée Travers
Assistant Principal


Felix Blanco
Felix Blanco
Athletics Coordinator

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