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Governing Board Policy

Please be sure to read about our governing board Policy JK regarding Student Discipline that determines appropriate discipline for students who may be a danger to themselves or others and Policy JICK-EB regarding Student Violence/Harassment.


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Welcome to the home of the Apaches. We are a Performing Plus School in the Nogales Unified School District in southern Arizona, just a stone’s throw from the Mexico border. Serving nearly 2,000 students, we have great honor in the history of our school, and it shows in all that we do. Our students are active and involved, and our teachers go out of their way to ensure every student’s success. Please spend some time getting to know our school, and let us show you our Apache pride!

We are proud of our school, our students, our Performing Plus status, and our current academic results and success. Academic achievement at Nogales High School is EXPECTED. All students will be held accountable for their academic progress and individual student behavior. Rules and procedures matter, and they will be followed and respected.

It is your responsibility as NHS students to set goals, follow through with individual responsibilities, and do your very best every day as Apaches. Good character, a positive attitude, and individual self respect starts with you. Make the best of what NHS has to offer.

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to stay there.”  - Coach John Wooden

Be proud to be an APACHE!

A Message from our Administration

Dear Apaches,

Welcome to the Proud Home of the Apaches!

We are very excited to be on this journey with you. All of our students should be proud to be here. We hope that you consider your years at Nogales High School as your most valuable gem, making your number-one goal to graduate with your class. Get involved, join clubs, play sports, be part of the school’s spirit! There is one word that describes what we expect from you: commitment. Please be committed to your studies, as it is your most important responsibility. Be a noteworthy student. Do your part with pride and honor. Commit yourself to come to school on time, prepared, and ready for a productive day. Make the commitment to make it throughout the year with an exemplary attendance, excellent academic performance, and honorable citizenship. Be responsible and follow school rules, policies, and procedures, as safety and an orderly environment are our number-one priorities.

Set goals. Write them down because when you write things down, you commit to getting them done. Make a difference in your life everyday as you focus on your studies and prepare for your adult life. You will be accountable for your individual performance and it is only you who will enjoy the results or pay for not achieving your goals.

We welcome you and wish you another successful school year full of achievements! 


Judith Mendoza Jiminez
Judith Mendoza-Jimenez

Yvette Favela
Yvette Favela
Assistant Principal

Renee Travers
Renée Travers
Assistant Principal

Tim Colgate
Tim Colgate
Athletic Director


Proud Home of the Apaches
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